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Welcome to the Mammothon
Please respect the beautiful countryside so that it remains pristine for others. Take litter home with you and close all gates behind you. Some of the countryside through which the event runs is environmentally sensitive and at this time of year in particular, there are many lambs in the fields. Please respect the landowners’ requests that we do not interfere with livestock in any way. Also, please take extreme care at the two road crossings. The one across the A road at section 3 point 15 will be marshal controlled, but the one across the B road at section 7 point 27 may not be. Remember your Green Cross Code STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.
Apart from that, enjoy the route and have fun.
Mammothon route description
Section1. Discovery Centre to CP1A. 6.25KM
1. Start at the Mammoth tusks and turn left after 30m, to exit the meadows via a gate leading into a lane. As the lane splits in 100m, keep right. Carry on for a further 200m to a white footbridge.
Cross the footbridge follow the Riverside Walk which is signed, heading for the far-left hand corner of the field
2. When you approach the hedge, look slight left for a gate. Go through gate, cross road and turn right. After 50m, take road on left into Halford.
3. After 300m, ignore right turn and continue ahead into lane signposted Halford ¼. (No through road). Continue for a further 300m to reach a junction where the tarmac ends. Between the two tracks is a stile leading into a narrow passageway by the side of a house. BE CAREFUL NOT TO MISS THIS. Go over the stile.
4. Continue ahead into a field, keeping the hedge to your left. After 250m, look for a stile on your left. Go over the stile and continue in the same direction, now with the hedge on your right. Continue on this path into the field corner, where you go through a metal gate leading into some woodland.
5. Keep ahead through the woodland emerging into a field, then after 350m, re-enter woodland then exit it again next to some houses.
6. After the houses, go through a gate (may be open) and continue ahead on the path. Exit the field by a stile and continue ahead in the same direction to reach a wooden footbridge. Cross the bridge, turn left for 40m to a small gate on right, leading to a footbridge over the river Onny.
7. Cross the river via the footbridge and turn right, now with the river on your right. Continue for three more fields to reach a gate leading into a track. Continue along the track, which becomes a lane to reach the village of Strefford.
8. Go through the village to a T-junction. Here turn right and continue along the road for 250m to reach a ford. Cross the ford on the footbridge then turn immediately left (no through road). Continue for 70m, and then take the wide, un-signposted path (a bridleway) on your right. At the cross track in 400m, continue ahead on a bearing of 70 degrees and continue on this bearing all the way to the ridge path.
9. At the top, the path levels and then joins the main path leading along the top of Wenlock Edge. Turn left along this main path for 200m until you reach a junction at 453 855. You will return to this point at Section 2, note 2.
10. Take the track on the right bearing 140 degrees, to go through the barrier and continue to join a lane in 200m. At the lane turn right and continue for 400m to a junction, here fork right then after 40m, as the road bends hard right, continue ahead on track marked by a finger post saying bridleway to find Self Clip 1A at 457 853
2 Section 2 CP1A - Carding Mill Valley 13.25KM
1. After the CP, turn around and re-trace your steps to re-join the path along Wenlock Edge (note 1.9)
2. Here, turn right and take the path which continues along the top of Wenlock Edge.
3. Follow this path for 2.6km, which will feel like a lot further, and stay on this path all the way to the sign post and self-clip at CP1 (GR 472 873)
4. At the self-clip, take the path on the left signposted Acton Scott and Church Stretton. Continue downhill to exit the wood, here turn left with the hedge on your left. At the end of the hedge, turn half left to field bottom and footbridge. Cross the bridge then head diagonally right, across the field, passing the corner of the building, to a small gate leading to a road. Cross the road then go through a gate into a field. Here turn left and follow the path around the field edge for 400m to reach a small gate into a track.
5. Go through gate, where you will find a watering station kindly provided by our friends at Wenlock Water. Re-fill your bottle and be on your way!
6. Turn right and continue for 300m to reach the track end. This section, as far as Acton Scott museum will be waymarked on event day as navigation is complicated. Here go between the two oak trees and continue on the well-defined path through the middle of the field. At the end of the field, enter small wood, over 2 stiles then follow the SW arrow, head half left across the field, aiming for a large oak tree. Here you generally continue in a similar direction, perhaps bearing slightly to the right. At the end of the field, you will get to a stile in the hedge ahead of you.
7. Cross this stile and completely ignore the Shropshire Way marker arrow, which points half left. Instead head half right, heading down to a gate and stile at the edge of a wood. Cross this stile and again, ignore the Shropshire Way marker arrow. You need to turn half left and head up the field with the fence on your left towards another small wood.
8. At the field corner, enter the wood via a stile where the Shropshire Way arrows once again return to normal. Exit the wood in 150m and follow the path across a small field to a gate and stile leading into Acton Scott car park.
9. Head half right across the carpark to a gate into the lane. Turn left along the lane for 600m to crossroads. Here turn right (signposted Ragdon 1.5m)
10. Continue on lane for 1200m until the road bends sharp right. After another 200m, look for a partly hidden stile in the hedge on the left.
11. Go over stile and continue ahead with the hedge on your right. After 200m, go over another stile then head slight left, down to a gap in the hedge and another stile. Over this stile then turn half right to climb steeply to another stile which leads onto Ragleth Hill. Go over this stile and climb steeply for 500m and the self-clip at Ragleth summit.
12. After the summit, head NE on the wide path along the ridge for 900m, then look for a rock outcrop on your left at GR 457 924. At the path split just before the rock outcrop, take the left fork and then bear slight right after the rock outcrop on the path heading diagonally downhill.
13. Continue along this path into woodland to join a fence. Here turn left and continue with the fence on your right. Keep the fence on your right as the path bends sharply right and descends steeply
to a stile. Go over the stile and down the steps, following this path for a further 400m over a stile and around a sharp left then right hand turn to reach a road.
14. Follow the road downhill for 150m to T-Junction. Here turn left. Continue downhill all the way to the main A49, going over a small crossroads by a church. Turn right along the A49 for 100m and cross at the pedestrian crossing.
15. Head over the railway bridge and up Sandford Avenue, Church Stretton’s high street. At the crossroads at the end, go straight across into Burway Road and follow the road up as it bears to the right. Stay on Burway Road for 700m as it climbs steeply to reach a cattle grid.
16. Just after the cattle grid, take the track on the right marked no through road. Stay on the track as it narrows into a path to join the road leading up Carding Mill Valley. When you join the road, turn left and continue for a further 300m to reach the CP in the hut outside the Tea Rooms. (GR 445 944)
Section 3 Carding Mill Valley to Wart Hill CP 17KM
1 Turn left out of the CP to continue up Carding Mill Valley. After 200m, take the footbridge on the right, crossing over the stream to avoid the ford. Continue for a further 400m to re-join the road after the ford and continue for another 400m to a car park.
2 When you get to the car park, take the second footbridge on your left to continue along the valley floor, now with the stream on your right
3 Continue for 700m to reach a ford at stream junction. Here, take the right fork, signposted shooting box 30minutes (it won’t take you that long!)
4 Continue on this path for 1.2 km, as it climbs steeply onto the Long Mynd plateau.
5 At the junction at the top, turn left and then in 30m, keep left joining the main track along the ridge
6 In 300m, ignore the main track which bears left and continue ahead following the path signposted shooting box.
7 Continue for 400m to reach the road junction at Shooting box (a small car-park, the shooting box no longer exists). Here go straight across the road and carry on for a further 1km to reach the self-clip at Pole Bank summit, CP4 (GR 415 944)
8 After the self-clip, continue heading south on the track for 400m to reach the road. Here bear right and continue along the road for just over 2km to reach a left turn into the Midland Gliding Club.
9 Turn into the gliding club over the cattle grid, then fork right and continue along the Shropshire Way permissive route which takes you around the right-hand side of the gliding club. PLEASE USE THIS WAYMARKED ROUTE RATHER THAN THE MAIN SHROPSHIRE WAY ROUTE SHOWN ON THE MAP. When you reach the back of the gliding club buildings at 403 916, you will see a refreshment point. Please fill your bottles and be on your way!
10 When you get to a path crossroads in 700m, join the main track for 10m, then take the right fork. The SW Waymarker has fallen down here, but you need to be on a bearing of 217 degrees, along the path marked with orange-topped posts.
11 Continue on this path, through a gate into Handless Long Mynd (National Trust sign). At the next gate, at the corner of a pinewood, ignore the two footpaths on the left, instead go through the gate and continue ahead bearing 220 degrees.
12 Continue on this path with the fence on your left to another gate. Go through the gate and continue in the same direction, now with the fence to your right. This section is waymarked Ride UK and Shropshire Way
13 Go through the next gate in 500m, where the path becomes a track. After 30m, take the more obvious right-hand fork. Continue on this path, ignoring the right-hand turn and continuing in the same direction, heading down hill, through another gate and over a cattle grid to reach a road.
14 At the road, turn sharp left, over the cattle grid and continue for 300m to a track on the right where the road bends left. Take this track and head to the right of the wooden building and continue for 100m to reach the main road. The route along this track is for event day only and is by kind permission of Mr. Plowden, the landowner. If you are recceing the route, you will need to continue along the lane to reach the main road, turn left and pick up the instructions at point 16. DO NOT USE THIS SHORT CUT AT ANY TIME OTHER THAN ON EVENT DAY AS DOING SO WILL JEOPARDISE THE CHANCES OF THE EVENT TAKING PLACE.
15 Continue along the main road for 100m, then cross only when the road marshal allows you. This section is very dangerous. Anyone found disobeying the instructions of the road marshal will be disqualified.
16 Turn left into the lane to cross the river Onny. Ignore the turning on the right for Choulton. After 200m, turn left into a lane. Stay on the lane for 900m then take the track on the left, signposted Shropshire Way. After 50m, take the track on the right, then after a further 20m, take the left fork, so that you are following the middle of the three tracks, signposted Shropshire Way.
17 Follow this path for 900m, climbing gently at first, then more steeply. As the path levels, you reach a cross track. Go straight across the cross track and take the narrow path on your right, through the trees leading to a small gate in 20m. TAKE CARE NOT TO MISS THIS.
18 Go through the gate and head down the field with the hedge on your left. Stay on this path going through several small fields for 800m in total, keeping the hedge on your left. When the path becomes a track, bear left for 20m to a gate in the left-hand field corner.
19 Go through the gate to join lane. Turn left and continue on the lane for 100m to a T-junction. Here go straight across passing Little Meadow on the right. Just before the cattle grid, take the path on the right. Follow this path for 100m, to reach a gate leading into a track.
20 Go left on the track, which may be muddy, for 200m to reach a gate. Go through the gate, then in 30m, as the track bends left, go up the steep steps on your right. At the top of the steps, continue to climb to the ridgeline, then descend through another field to reach a gate and stile into a track. DO NOT TURN LEFT DOWN THIS TRACK. Instead, bear right for 10m crossing the mouth of this lane/track to reach reach a lane.
21 Go left on the lane (there is no Shropshire Way signpost here) and continue for 1300m, ignoring roads to the left and right to reach a small pull-in on the left at 401 846 This is the feeding station, but the self-clip and CP is at the top of Wart Hill at 401 847, where you will need to get to and clip before you can enter the feeding station. The route up to Wart Hill will be marked on event day. You may think it rather perverse to drag you up this hill and back down again, but I needed to gain a few hundred metres to get up to the full marathon distance, and also, I think it’s such a lovely spot, I just had to share it with you!
Section 4 Wart Hill CP to Discovery Centre (Finish) 5.5KM
22 Leave the refreshment area turning left along the lane. Carry on for 100m, then turn right into a track, go through the gate and continue ahead on the path leading up onto Hopesay Hill. Stay on this path for 1km in total, going through a gate after 400m, ignoring the footpath to the left and keeping the hedge on your left. After 1km, you reach a stile and signpost. Turn left over the stile, following the signpost which says Craven Arms 2½ miles.
23 Stay on this path, keeping the fence and woodland to your right, passing through 1 gate and then a kissing gate. Go through the kissing gate and follow the direction of the orange Shropshire Way marker down through the field.
24 At the bottom left field corner, look for a stile next to a house. Go over the stile and again follow the orange arrow diagonally across the field, aiming for the middle one of the three oak trees. When you get to the marker post by the middle tree, follow the arrow to the stile in the hedge by the large ash tree.
25 Go over the stile, cross a little footbridge, through a metal gate go across a small field for 70m, to reach another metal gate leading into a carriage drive. Here you must leave the Shropshire Way for a short while at the request of the landowner. Turn right down the carriage drive for 300m to a crossroads. Here turn left along the lane for a further 300m to a stile on the right signposted Shropshire way.
26 Go over the stile to re-join the Shropshire Way. Go down the field heading slightly further left than the arrow indicates to the bottom left field corner. Here go through the gate, turn right and continue through three further fields keeping the hedge on your right, to arrive at a kissing gate.
27 Go through kissing gate, follow the path between the houses for 60m to a path split. At the path split, turn right and continue for 100m to a road. Cross the road and turn right. After 150m, as the road bends left, cross to the Shropshire way fingerpost and head down a little road for 100m to a T-junction which is a dead end for traffic. Cross the road ahead with great care and turn right, then, after 20m, take the turning on the left signposted Rowton and Shelderton. Continue for 200m, under the railway bridge to a stile immediately after this on your left. There is also a footpath just before the railway bridge. Don't take this one by mistake or you may be encounter owls.
28 Go over the stile and follow the orange Shropshire Way marker through four fields, keeping the railway embankment to your left.
29 After four fields, as the path leaves the railway line, bear slight right heading towards a group of Ash trees. After the Ash trees, the path bends left towards a lane with a gate and stile. Go over the stile into the lane. Continue on the lane to reach a housing estate. Here continue ahead for 200m and, as the road bends right, turn left on the footpath to the main road. Here turn left to the pedestrian crossing. Cross here, turn right and turn into school lane and then right into the Discovery Centre. Go around the right-hand side of the building to reach the finish point at the rear. Congratulations!

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